YouTube ReVanced APK is dead, and we will always esteem the simplicity it made for all users on the stage. We can’t sit and hang tight for its recovery when numerous other appropriate choices offer comparative functions and presumably shockingly better user encounters. One of the most-anticipated Vanced options is the YouTube Revanced APK, the authority substitution. While this application is still in its underlying stages, it offers the essential YouTube Vanced features and unique patches to keep up with the Vanced heritage. This post will explain everything you want about the YouTube ReVanced Application.

What Is YouTube ReVanced APK?

YouTube ReVanced is a well-known YouTube application for Android that has won recognition due to its ability to block all video advertisements on YouTube, even with out a top rate subscription. Moreover, ReVanced extended offers customers with heritage playback, an real black subject matter, and customizations not to be had within the reputable YouTube app for Android.

Download YouTube ReVanced APK and Magisk Module for Android

YouTube ReVanced has many features like its predecessor, YouTube Vanced. You can play music behind the scenes while perusing different applications, return the YouTube dislike count eliminated from the stage, modify your playback speed, switch off ads, and eliminate supported sections, among other exciting features. While numerous other YouTube options exist, ReVanced APK has shown sufficient potential by furnishing clients with basic YouTube Premium features and fantastic streaming involvement in the different patches included.

You would likewise require the Magisk module structure to effectively introduce the module on your established Android gadget.


APK file will chip away at any Android gadget with the help of MicroG

Simple Installation

No specialized information is required.

MicroG should be introduced before ReVanced documents.

If you get a blunder, please uninstall the old variant before introducing the beneath APK.
It would be best if you were established with Magisk Su when installing this module. There is a compelling reason to introduce MicroG, which utilizes Google Play services.

You should be a geek to know this procedure
It isn’t quite so natural as APK installation
No MicroG required
MinDetach module ought to be introduced to withdraw Play Store conditions.PK.

Features of YouTube ReVanced

It Can Be Used as a Secondary YouTube

Like YouTube Vanced, you can download ReVanced as an optional YouTube on your Android device, except if you favor deleting the first version. The advantage of this feature is that clients can change back to the old rendition if the new yet incomplete ReVanced application needs troubleshooting. In revanced manager you can handle and manage your music list.

Works on Both Root and Non-Root Devices

You can install YouTube ReVanced on root and non-root devices by following simple steps. Still, many Android users gave up building their ReVanced APK when they realized the official app wasn’t out yet.

Disabled Ads

ReVanced allows customers turn off standard and video promotions from the stage, allowing them to look at their substance without interference. This easily translates to a superior consumer application through helpful and regular streaming. I recognize the massive position of those promotions, particularly for the substance makers I observe.

Background Play

It lets you track on YouTube even when you use apps or while your smartphone’s display is off. This feature is available for folks who like listening to tunes while running, analyzing, or doing other responsibilities.

Supports MicroG

Like the original YouTube app, YouTube ReVanced allows you to log in using your Google account. This MicroG, a custom version of Google Play services, makes this selection viable. You can seamlessly access your subscriptions, playlists, and different features with Google login. In any case, you’ll have to construct ReVanced download MicroG independently because the YouTube elective still can’t be delivered as an APK that you can introduce straightforwardly from MicroG.


You can now change the YouTube launcher symbol and name to your decision in the ReVanced application. Custom marking reclassifies open-source customization by giving clients unlimited authority over the point of interaction, allowing them to make their preferred stage. This feature likewise makes you pleased with the progressions made and anxious to open the application to see your creation every time.

Premium Heading

The premium marking for YouTube Premium users is shown on the ReVanced application for an authentic look. The advantage for clients is that you can separate ReVanced and the original YouTube Premium membership if you modify the landing page’s marking. You can likewise conceal the original YouTube application and use ReVanced, all things being equal, giving you full admittance to every premium feature.

Creator’s watermark Hide

A branding watermark allows creators to add a logo to every one of the videos on their channel. With the YouTube ReVanced APK, you can automatically hide this marked picture from all videos, giving you a complete content show without the overlaying logo. Clients can watch content without marking and get a full-point video view. In any case, these watermarks offer memorability and forestall video robbery, by which a maker’s recordings are taken and made look like another person’s task.

Remove Full-Screen Panels

This feature allows you to switch off the video depiction and remarks board in full screen view. This feature benefits users who need to watch content without board features or settings springing up during the video. Accordingly, clients get continuous and full-view streaming on the stage.

Return YouTube Dislike

YouTube removed the public dislike count from every one of the recordings on its foundation in November 2021. This change barred everybody, except the substance’s creators, from seeing the number of dislikes a video has. You can reverse this change with the YouTube ReVanced APK, which actuates RYD integration to restore the abhorrence view count. This assists clients with knowing the popular’s perspective on a video and deciding if it merits their streaming time.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode

ReVanced offers a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, which lets you save videos in a small floating window while using different apps on your phone. This selection is handy for multitasking, enabling you to look at motion pictures while surfing the internet, checking your emails, or using social media.

Forced HDR Mode and VP9 Codec

YouTube ReVanced offers a compelled HDR mode and VP9 codec for users who want to enhance their video viewing revel. The HDR mode complements the video’s colors and evaluation, making it more vibrant and realistic. The VP9 codec improves the video’s satisfaction, making it smoother and extra seamless.

Override Max Resolution

ReVanced also permits you to override the highest resolution of a video. This selection advantages users who must watch high-quality videos even if their internet connection isn’t always the most suitable. With ReVanced, you may revel in high-quality videos with no buffering issues.

Difference Between Vanced and ReVanced

Limited customization     Incorporates custom-branding
Default Playback Speed Custom Playback Speed
YouTube shorts are permanentYou can turn off shorts
“Get Premium” splash screen appears Hide-Get-Premium splash screen
The Creator watermark is a permanent You can hide the creator watermark
Excludes the premium branding for YouTube Premium accountsIncludes the premium branding for YouTube Premium accounts

How to Install ReVanced YouTube APK on Android?

APK can be installed on any Android gadget, regardless of rooted and non-rooted Android. Nonetheless, we require MicroG to get your Google account.

Stage 1. Download the MicroG APK record first.

Stage 2. Presently, Tap on the MicroG APK record and permit this source choice.

Stage 3. Tap on the Introduce and Done button.

Stage 4. Download the YouTube ReVanced APK record from the above.

Stage 5. Presently, Tap on the APK Install.

Stage 6. Tap on the open.

Stage 7. Tap on the open.

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK Magisk Module on Rooted Android?

This Magisk Module allows you to introduce YouTube ReVanced at the framework level. In this way, the Application can approach the Google Records that are related with Google Play administrations.

Stage 1. Download the YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module from the above section.

Stage 2. Open the Magisk application.

Stage 3. Presently, Tap on Modules at the base right of the screen.

Stage 4. Tap on the Introduce from Capacity choice.

Stage 5. It will open your telephone’s stockpiling. Kindly explore the downloaded .compress document and tap on it.

Stage 6. Presently, you can see the Glimmering screen. Hold on until you see the reboot button.

Stage 7. Return.

Stage 8. Download the MinDetach Magisk Module and glimmer it in stages 3 to 6.

Stage 9. Reboot.

Last Words

It will be alright later. However, the YouTobe ReVanced APK has a bright future ahead with every one of the potential open doors it has for YouTube clients. While building an application sounds debilitating, it’s worth the work because, with this application introduced on your gadget, you’re never returning to the old, limited methods of basic subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ReVanced Expanded Free?

It is free and doesn’t destroy the client experience with stowed-away expenses. Moreover, every one of the highlights accessible in YouTube Premium is getable in this adjusted adaptation free of charge.

How to Utilize ReVanced Expanded?

Like an establishment, it is easy to utilize. Send off the application, sign into your Google record, and change its settings. Because of the customization it permits, a client can appreciate the consistent spilling of content from their number one channel.

How would I Get YouTube Vanced APK Expanded?

To get YouTube ReVanced Expanded, go to the authority site or another confided-in source and raise a ruckus around town button. Once the download is finished, empower obscure assets and snap the record to introduce it on your telephone.

How does YouTube Vanced APK Expanded respond?

ReVanced Expanded eliminates the advertisements and permits you to foundation-play download recordings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Further, it has many high-level elements like channel/video allowlisting, YouTube music program reconciliation, warning obstructing, immense customizations, and custom marking.

Is ReVanced Stretched Out Protected to Utilize?

Indeed, ReVanced Stretched Out is protected to utilize. A great many individuals have changed to it and have been using it. Not so much as one objection is enrolled against it.