Download YouTube ReVanced Old Versions

YouTube Vanced is dead, and Download YouTube ReVanced Old Version we will always esteem the simplicity it made for all users on the stage. We can’t sit and hang tight for its recovery when numerous other appropriate choices offer comparative functions and presumably shockingly better user encounters. One of the most-anticipated Vanced options is the YouTube ReVanced APK, the authority substitution. While this application is still in its underlying stages, it offers the essential YouTube Vanced features and unique patches to keep up with the Vanced heritage. This post will explain everything you want about the YouTube ReVanced download.

What Is YouTube ReVanced APK?

YouTube ReVanced is a well-known YouTube application for Android that has won recognition due to its ability to block all video advertisements on YouTube, even with out a top rate subscription. Moreover, ReVanced extended offers customers with heritage playback, an real black subject matter, and customizations not to be had within the reputable YouTube app for Android.

Features of Download YouTube ReVanced Old Version

Disabled Ads

ReVanced allows customers turn off standard and video promotions from the stage, allowing them to look at their substance without interference. This easily translates to a superior consumer application through helpful and regular streaming. I recognize the massive position of those promotions, particularly for the substance makers I observe.

Supports MicroG

Like the original YouTube app, YouTube ReVanced allows you to log in using your Google account. This MicroG, a custom version of Google Play services, makes this selection viable. You can seamlessly access your subscriptions, playlists, and different features with Google login. In any case, you’ll have to construct ReVanced download MicroG independently because the YouTube elective still can’t be delivered as an APK that you can introduce straightforwardly from MicroG.


You can now change the YouTube launcher symbol and name to your decision in the ReVanced application. Custom marking reclassifies open-source customization by giving clients unlimited authority over the point of interaction, allowing them to make their preferred stage.

Remove Full-Screen Panels

This feature allows you to switch off the video depiction and remarks board in fullscreen view. This feature benefits users who need to watch content without board features or settings springing up during the video.

Return YouTube Dislike

YouTube removed the public dislike count from every one of the recordings on its foundation in November 2021. This change barred everybody, except the substance’s creators, from seeing the number of dislikes a video has.


You can now make videos auto-rehash as a matter of course at whatever point they end. This recoveries clients the work of strolling to their telephones and physically restarting the videos.